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We are a community of successful business executives in the top 3% worldwide. We believe in Web3’s potential to change how we live, work and create together.

Working within the legal frameworks of Web3, we support business migration to this new ecosystem. Assisting with anything from business and finance to user and onboarding experiences.

If you are a serious entrepreneur or enterprise looking to enter Web3.

This is the Opportunity You’ve Been Looking for

If you are a serious entrepreneur or enterprise looking to enter Web3.

This is the Opportunity You’ve Been Looking for



Immerse yourself in the world of Web3.


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My journey has been most rewarding as I get to interact, on a daily basis, with some of the brightest minds within DeFi; Mining; the Metaverse and the NFT space.

Gary Coleman - Manitoba

I'm grateful to be a part of the yWhales community! I can't imagine jumping into something so new and hard to understand without the fun, intelligent, engaging and helpful people here...

Ed Kniep - St. Louis

I’ve found yWhales to be an invaluable resource for education, networking, and investment ideas

Jessica Billingsley - Colorado


The team that puts you ahead.
Bringing a combined 200+ years of business experience to Web3.
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Jay Steinback

Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Zemfira Khisaeva

Co-Founder and President

Mia Murphy

Co-Founder and Chief of Staff

Siva Avvaru

Managing Partner of yWhales Solutions

Joanna Guerra Palcenia

Legal Counsel

Brady Beaubien

Co-Managing Partner of yWhales Labs

Andreea DeMiere

Executive Assistant, yWhales Enterprises

Max Cohen

Co-Managing Partner, yWhales Ventures

Sue Marks

Board Member and Strategic Advisor

Abe Micael

Head of Ecosystem

Ian Smith

Board Member

Jessica Billingsley

Board Member & Co-Managing Partner, yWhales Ventures

George Djuric

Head of Technology

Shaun Khan

Board Member

Ross Toohey

Board Member

Our Advisors

Marcel Löetscher


Matthew Porter


Cristian Lupascu

OMNIA Protocol

Dave Perrill


Janine Grainger

Easy Crypto

Lauren Woolf

Mrs Woolf

Gary Coleman

Garibaldi Investments

Rick Duha

Vexxit, Colour Hive

Dave Greves

KB Growth Advisory

Ziad Makkawi


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