FinRamp’s Blockchain-Powered Future and Redefining Carbon Credits

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Allan Matheson, Founder & CEO of Golden Pear Capital and yWhales member takes the audience on a captivating exploration at the crossroads of finance and innovation, delving deep into FinRamp, the pioneering fully-regulated Carbon Credit solution. Alongside Co-Managing Directors Jay Steinback and Dr. Zemfira Khisaeva, the trio unravels the tech and blockchain (r)evolution that birthed FinRamp.

As the founders put it “Our vision for FinRamp is to become a leading operating system that leverages blockchain to issue, store, transfer, and exchange digital assets. It will be the first fully regulated solution providing both asset tokenization and liquidity services to global professional and institutional clients with a closed-loop system.”

The team shares insights into the genesis of yWhales and the imperative to build in Web3. Dr. Zemfira Khisaeva delves into her engineering roots, journeying from traditional finance to the crypto space. The podcast explores the mission of FinRamp - to revolutionize carbon credit issuance. It addresses the core problems FinRamp tackles, emphasizing the crucial role of regulatory compliance in their approach. The mechanics of FinRamp's operation, from tokenization to liquidity services, are laid bare, highlighting the team's expertise and commitment to safety first.

The episode concludes with a peek into FinRamp's roadmap and vision, inviting listeners to join the journey toward a sustainable future. For those eager to engage, discover more about FinRamp's groundbreaking solutions at Welcome to the forefront of innovation in carbon credit trading!


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About Guests

Jay Steinback serves as the Co-Managing Director of FinRamp and holds pivotal roles as Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of yWhales. Boasting a robust background in corporate ecosystems, Jay adeptly navigates the realms of technology, collaboration, and team structures. The inception of yWhales originated from the demand of numerous global business professionals eager to delve into and invest in the impending Web3 transition. Utilizing the expansive YPO network, Jay turned this transition into a full-time commitment, assembling a dedicated team and co-founders along the journey.


Harnessing disciplined onboarding procedures with Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, yWhales meticulously upholds a secure environment. This ensures business leaders worldwide can seamlessly interact 24/7, fostering global connectivity irrespective of time or location. Before his venture with yWhales, Jay orchestrated the successful sale of his family's retail empire to private equity in 2019. Jay, along with his wife Amanda, founded VUE Enterprises, another corporate ecosystem rooted in the residential and commercial real estate market.


With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in venture capital and startups, Jay also played a foundational role as one of the founding board members of Arch Grants. In this capacity, he was responsible for constructing the competition's selection and due diligence process. Jay's multifaceted expertise underscores his strategic leadership in both FinRamp and yWhales, contributing significantly to the evolution of Web3 and corporate ecosystems.


Dr. Zemfira Khisaeva, Co-Managing Director of FinRamp and Co-Founder and President of yWhales, brings over a decade of corporate governance and successful strategy creation and execution experience.

Zemfira co-founded yWhales after serving as a senior finance executive at Scotiabank, one of Canada's largest financial institutions. Exposure to new and emerging technologies, coupled with the challenges of Web2.0 adoption by traditional banking, redirected her focus to Web3.0—a foundational building block of the future of finance. In the past decade, Zemfira has successfully invested in and advised numerous Web3.0 companies, earning recognition for creating top-performing teams and being at the forefront of disruption.


Before her tenure at Scotiabank, Zemfira was a consultant at McKinsey&Co, advising enterprises on strategy, investment due diligence, and M&A, later specializing in Business Turnarounds and Operations. A native of Russia, Zemfira holds a PhD in Solids Mechanics from McGill University in Canada and a Candidate of Science degree in Materials Science from Ufa Petroleum University in Russia. Her early career involved co-founding a nanotechnology startup in Russia, contributing to Space Antenna structures at MDA Space Missions in Canada, and participating in the design of the next generation of aircraft at Bombardier Aerospace in Canada and China.


Zemfira is passionate about making the world a better place. In service of that vision, she is an angel investor, startup mentor, and YPO chapter board member. Her multifaceted background positions her as a key figure in both FinRamp and yWhales, contributing significantly to the evolution of Web3.0 and corporate ecosystems.



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0:50 Allan’s Intro 

2:32 Jay’s Background: Tech Beginnings And Introduction To Crypto World

6:22 Zemfira’s Background: From Engineering, Computer Science And Technology To Tradfi Experience And Introduction To Crypto And yWhales

9:00 Why Build In Web3 And Blockchain?

15:50 The Problem Finramp Is Looking To Solve And The Role Of Regulation

24:00 Self-Inflicted Problems In Web3 & Crypto

24:58 How Finramp Works & The Launch In Europe

29:18 Use Cases For Finramp

34:30 Why Blockchain Tech Is The Solution

39:39 The Tech Stack: Safety First

44:53 The Expertise Behind Finramp 

51:56 Finramp’s Roadmap And Vision

1:03:23 How To Get Involved And Learn More About Finramp



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DISCLAIMER: yWhales is not affiliated with YPO. Support and production for today’s episode was done by Truth Work Media. Nothing in the podcast constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the podcast constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto.

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