Navigating Frontier Tech – Episode 15 | Vitalik Buterin & GenAI | The State of Crypto

In this episode 

We explore insights on the latest and most impactful developments within the Web3 sphere. Hosted by Jay Steinback, CEO & Founder of yWhales, this episode features two distinguished guests: Liat Aaronson, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Horizen Labs Ventures, and Faryar Ghazanfari, Co-founder and CEO of Multiverse - IIR (Clipo Labs). Together, they navigate through the dynamic landscape of Web3, unraveling key trends, discussing ethical considerations, and shedding light on groundbreaking advancements that are shaping the future of technology and business.


The journey commences with a deep dive into the ethical dimensions of AI and data protection as the Italian Data Protection Authority's recent investigation into online AI data scraping for training purposes is explored. This sets the stage for a riveting conversation about the proactive measures taken by the California Governor in advocating for statewide generative AI training, laying the groundwork for the GenAI economy. Throughout the episode, the expertise of the guests, particularly Faryar Ghazanfari, provides valuable insights into these critical topics. The cautionary words of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum's co-founder, are heeded, warning of the potential for superintelligent AI to surpass human capabilities, prompting contemplation on the ethical and existential implications of such advancements.


As the discussion unfolds, the podcast navigates the ever-evolving state of the cryptocurrency landscape, exploring the latest trends and developments. Clips featuring key moments from the conversation are interspersed, offering concise glimpses into the most impactful insights. In a separate recording, attention is drawn to the launch of Fireblocks' "Off Exchange" trading system, a groundbreaking solution designed to mitigate risks associated with centralized exchanges. The episode concludes with reflections on the discussed topics, insights into future projects from the guests, and an invitation for the audience to connect with Liat Aaronson and Faryar Ghazanfari. Join us on this captivating journey through the frontiers of Web3 and emerging technologies.


About Guests

Liat Aaronson, a distinguished figure in the realm of Web3 innovation, serves as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV), a dynamic Web3 advisory, and venture investment firm spun out of Horizen Labs. In her role, Liat plays a pivotal role in guiding strategic initiatives and investment decisions, leveraging her extensive experience across diverse sectors.

Prior to her involvement with HLV, Liat held the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Selina, where she played a key role in shaping the operational landscape of the organization. Her strategic acumen and leadership skills were further honed during her tenure as a Partner at Marker LLC, a venture capital firm, and as the Executive Director of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program. Liat's multifaceted background, spanning law, business, and venture capital, has been instrumental in contributing to the success of numerous startups within the Web3 ecosystem.

Liat's commitment to fostering innovation extends beyond her professional roles. Currently serving as a board member at Wristcam, Layer3 Labs, and the Israel Democracy Institute, she actively participates in steering the strategic direction of these organizations. Furthermore, Liat lends her expertise to various entrepreneurship programs, providing valuable insights to emerging talents in the startup landscape.

Educationally, Liat holds degrees from renowned institutions, including UC Berkeley, Tel Aviv University, and the University of Leiden. This diverse academic background positions her uniquely at the intersection of law, business, and Web3 innovation. Liat Aaronson continues to be a trailblazer in the Web3 space, driving positive change and contributing to the evolution of the digital landscape through her multifaceted expertise and leadership.


Faryar Ghazanfari stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology as the Co-founder and CEO of Multiverse - IIR (Clipo Labs), where he spearheads the development of groundbreaking Interactive Immersive Reality (IIR) technology through the innovative Multiverse platform. Faryar's visionary leadership and multidisciplinary expertise have positioned him as a driving force in the evolution of immersive and interactive technologies.

Faryar's journey into the tech realm is marked by a unique fusion of skills and knowledge. Armed with a background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and law, Faryar possesses a diverse skill set that spans both the technical and legal dimensions of the industry. This multifaceted approach allows him to navigate the complex intersection of technology and regulations with finesse, contributing to the success and innovation of Clipo Labs.

Prior to his role at Multiverse - IIR, Faryar Ghazanfari accrued invaluable experience through key positions at renowned companies. His tenure at Tesla and SolarCity showcased his prowess in the electrical engineering domain, where he likely played a crucial role in shaping the future of sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, Faryar's experience at Visa underscores his understanding of the financial technology landscape, highlighting his versatility in navigating various facets of the tech industry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Faryar remains deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and fostering innovation. As the co-founder and CEO of Clipo Labs, he is instrumental in driving the company's mission to redefine the possibilities of Interactive Immersive Reality. Faryar Ghazanfari's commitment to pushing the technological envelope, combined with his diverse background, positions him as a trailblazer in the field of immersive technology, continually contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of digital experiences.


Guest Social Links

Liat's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liataaronson/?originalSubdomain=il

Horizen Labs Ventures' Website: https://www.hlv.xyz/


Faryar's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faryar-ghazanfari-0036b31b/

Multiverse's Website: https://entermultiverse.io/



0:49 Jay’s Intro 

1:30 Guests Intro 

3:15 Italian Data Protection Authority investigates online AI data scraping for AI training 

12:10 California Governor advocates for statewide generative AI training to prepare for the GenAI economy 

19:30 Vitalik Buterin warns of the potential for superintelligent AI to surpass humans 

28:01 The state of crypto  

0:09 Fireblocks launches "Off Exchange" trading system to mitigate centralized exchange risks 

7:20 Insights into future projects and how to get in touch 

12:36 Closing thoughts 


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DISCLAIMER: yWhales is not affiliated with YPO. Support and production for today’s episode was done by Truth Work Media. Nothing in the podcast constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the podcast constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto.

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