Navigating Frontier Tech – Episode 1

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Sue Marks, yWhales Board Member, Siva Avvaru, yWhales Solutions Managing Director, Abe Micael, yWhales Head of Ecosystem, and Jay Steinback, yWhales CEO & Founder discuss the latest developments in the word of frontier tech. They talk about BlackRock's recent application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to launch the iShares Bitcoin Trust. BlackRock's proposed ETF will allow investors to have easier access to the crypto market. They also discuss Polygon's 2.0 roadmap, which includes developing a multi-chain scaling solution powered by ZK technology. Jay, Sue, Siva, and Abe delve into the AI-backed Web3 data platform Mnemonic and discuss the latest remarks from Fed Chair Powell, who sees progress on inflation but not quickly enough.



  • BlackRock Close to Filing for Bitcoin ETF Application
  • Polygon Unveils 2.0 Roadmap: Plans To Develop ZK-Powered Multi-Chain Scaling Solution
  • Salesforce Leads $6M Round for AI-Backed Web3 Data Platform Mnemonic
  • Fed Chair Powell sees progress on inflation, though not quickly enough



0:00 Jay’s intro

12:20 Polygon’s roadmap

16:49 Salesforce & AI 

24:11 Europe and AI regulation

31:41 Lens Protocol

35:58 20 countries apply for BRICS Alliance

46:03 Louis Vuitton NFT launch

52:58 Apple Vision Pro Reaction

55:52 Activate Metaverse Report

58:04 Metaverse Updates


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