Real-World Assets Tokenization: The Future of Blockchain-Based Finance

In this episode
of the tokenization of real-world assets series, your host, Jay Steinback, yWhales CEO & Co-Founder, Siva Avvaru, Managing Director at yWhales Solutions, and Brad Yasar, founder and CEO of EQIFi, discuss the intersection of blockchain and traditional finance. They emphasize the importance of custody for regulated assets and the need for trusted custodians in the crypto space. They also highlight the challenges of self-custody and the benefits of using regulated institutions for asset storage. The conversation touches on liquidity and the need for regulated execution venues to attract institutional capital. Jay, Siva, and Brad stress the importance of compliance and regulation in building trust and investor confidence. They talk about the potential for tokenizing real-world assets and the benefits it can bring to the capital markets. Listen as they discuss the future of blockchain-based finance and the role of traditional financial institutions in adopting this technology.

Tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) stands as a transformative process within the Web3 and blockchain domain, wherein tangible assets like real estate, art, commodities, and various financial instruments undergo a profound metamorphosis, transitioning into digital tokens seamlessly integrated with a blockchain infrastructure. These digital representations, frequently denoted as "security tokens" or "asset-backed tokens," not only bridge the physical and digital realms but also unlock new possibilities for fractional ownership, liquidity, and transparent management of traditionally illiquid and cumbersome assets, ushering in an era of unparalleled financial innovation and accessibility.


About Guests

Siva Avvaru is a distinguished professional with a wealth of expertise in Web3 advisory, monetization strategies, executive consulting, technology strategy and development, organizational agility, and market penetration execution. With a proven track record of success, Siva has honed his skills in the ever-evolving world of Web3.

Before joining yWhales Solutions, Siva served as an Engagement Leader for the Advisory practice at Advanced Technology Group, a pioneering force in Lead-to-Cash solutions catering to global Fortune 1000 companies and XaaS-based startups. His profound insights and guidance have played a pivotal role in the success of these enterprises.

Throughout his consulting career, Siva has left an indelible mark by engaging with over 30 clients, resulting in revenue uplifts exceeding an impressive $500 million. His impact spans diverse industries, including banking, construction, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, technology, telecom, travel, and private equity. Siva's commitment to driving innovation within the Web3 landscape makes him an invaluable asset to any project or initiative he undertakes.


Brad Yasar is an exceptional figure in the fields of entrepreneurship, investment, mentorship, and advisory services, with a global perspective deeply rooted in the realms of blockchain and groundbreaking technologies. Over the course of his illustrious career spanning three decades, Brad has not only conceptualized visionary ideas but has also meticulously nurtured numerous enterprises to fruition.

At present, Brad holds the prestigious position of CEO at EQIFi, the foremost decentralized global banking platform. Under his astute leadership, EQIFi has emerged as a pioneering force in the Web3 landscape. Moreover, as the Founder of Beyond Enterprizes, Brad extends his expertise in providing strategic and technical leadership, advisory, and unwavering support to projects at all stages of blockchain implementation and development.

Furthermore, Brad is widely recognized as the co-founder of the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC), a distinguished institution with an astounding allocation of over $5 billion to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. His unparalleled experience in analyzing disruptive technologies and his vast network of contacts within the industry make him an invaluable asset to any project seeking to navigate the complex and dynamic world of Web3. Brad's enduring commitment to innovation has made him a trusted figure in the blockchain and emerging technology space.


You'll learn about

  • Custody is crucial for regulated assets, and self-custody may not be practical or secure for most people
  • Regulated custodians provide security, compliance, and insurance for assets, which is essential for investor confidence
  • The lack of liquidity and access to regulated execution venues is a significant barrier for institutional capital in the crypto markets
  • Tokenizing funds can provide liquidity and open up investment opportunities for a wider range of investors
  • Traditional financial institutions, such as UBS and Morgan, are exploring blockchain technology and tokenization.


Guest Social Links

Siva’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sivaavvaru/

Brad’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradyasar/

Yasar Corp: https://www.yasarcorp.com/

EQIFi: https://www.EQIFi.com/



[00:36] Jay’s Intro

[1:01] Overview of the New Series

[2:43] Self-Custody of Regulated Securities

[7:45] Market Liquidity & Mitigating Risk

[11:25] The Transitionary Period: Connecting the Old and New Worlds

[14:41] Insurability & Adapting Regulation

[18:40] Blockchain-based Finance

[25:29] The UK FCA Working on Blueprints for Fund Tokenization

[30:55] UBS Launches Tokenization Trial on Ethereum

[36:27] What will see over the next few years

[40:26] Tokenizing Real-World Assets


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DISCLAIMER: yWhales is not affiliated with YPO. Support and production for today’s episode was done by Truth Work Media. Nothing in the podcast constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the podcast constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto.

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