Wand AI’s Data-Driven Journey: In Conversation with Philippe Chambadal

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Jay Steinback, CEO & Founder of yWhales, speaks with Philippe Chambadal, President & CRO of Wand.ai, a no-code platform that allows business users to build their own AI solutions without writing a single line of code. Philippe discusses the power of AI in the enterprise space. He shares his background in building virtual databases and leveraging AI to streamline processes.

Philippe explains the challenges with traditional AI frameworks and how Wand AI is solving these issues with their no-code platform. He discusses the need to empower business users to build their own AI solutions and the time and cost savings that can be achieved. Philippe also discusses the security measures in place to protect data and the future of AI in the enterprise.


You will learn about

  • Wand AI is a no-code platform that allows business users to build their own AI solutions without writing code.
  • Traditional AI frameworks have limitations, including long development times and low success rates.
  • How to solve these issues by providing an end-to-end AI framework that is easy to use and scalable.
  • The platform can integrate with various data sources and generate predictions and insights in real-time.
  • How to prioritize data security and offer role-based permissioning to ensure data is only accessible to authorized users.


About Guest

Philippe Chambadal stands as a prominent figure in the realm of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Currently serving as the President and co-founder of Wand.ai, a preeminent platform specializing in genAI and machine learning, he has showcased exceptional leadership and vision. Wand.ai's distinction is underscored by its selection as one of the exclusive 1,200 companies to participate in the AWS genAI accelerator program, a testament to Philippe's discerning expertise.

Prior to his instrumental role at Wand.ai, Philippe's remarkable journey led him to the presidency of LeapYear.io, a pioneering data privacy company that gained substantial recognition and was eventually acquired by industry giant Snowflake. This acquisition is indicative of Philippe's prowess in identifying and nurturing groundbreaking technologies.

His journey through the tech landscape includes a pivotal role as Group Vice President at C3.ai, a company under the esteemed leadership of Tom Siebel. Philippe's contributions were integral to C3.ai's success, further solidifying his reputation as a transformative force in the technology sector.

Before his tenure at C3.ai, Philippe assumed the role of overseeing corporate development at Temenos, a cornerstone in the world of core banking software. His astute decision-making and strategic acumen at Temenos significantly impacted the organization's trajectory.

In a remarkable turn of events, Philippe spearheaded the acquisition of SmartStream, subsequently ascending to the position of CEO. His visionary leadership saw the transformation of SmartStream into a leading name in post-trade processing, with 75 of the world's top 100 banks choosing to partner with the company.

Philippe's history of entrepreneurial success extends to the founding and management of MetaMatrix, a trailblazing virtual database enterprise eventually acquired by RedHat. His pioneering spirit and ability to recognize emerging trends and technologies have been key drivers of his achievements.

His distinguished career includes a pivotal role as the head of Sales, Marketing, Product Management, and Support at Fame, which was later acquired by FIS/Sungard. This position allowed him to leave an indelible mark on the industry and foster relationships that endure to this day.

Philippe Chambadal's dedication and expertise have not gone unnoticed, as he was rightfully honored as the Fintech Person of the Year in 2016, a testament to his far-reaching influence and impact on the financial technology landscape: https://www.ftfnews.com/ftf-focus-spotlights-the-2016-ftf-awards-winners-special-edition/14096

In this era of Web3 and emerging technologies, Philippe Chambadal continues to be at the forefront, guiding and shaping the path of innovation. His extensive experience, coupled with a forward-thinking vision, positions him as a driving force in the business world, one who is committed to realizing the vast potential of Web3 and pioneering the future of technology.


Guest Social Links

Philippe’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippechambadal/

Company Social Links:

Wand.ai’s Website: https://wand.ai/

Wand.ai’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wand1/

Wand.ai’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/WandAI_

Wand.ai’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@wandaicommunity




[00:00] Jay’s intro

[02:24] Philippe’s intro

[06:55] Problems in AI

[09:33] Tackling the big data problem

[12:14] What is Wand.ai

[15:02] Use cases

[21:36] Why Wand.ai is different

[26:00] Data security

[28:01] Wand.ai’s Roadmap

[31:04] The future of Wand.ai

[36:00] Envisioning the future of AI

[39:40] How to get in touch



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