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Last updated: June 07, 2023

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At yPros, we prioritize flexibility for our members. Therefore, we do not bind members with contracts and they are free to discontinue their membership whenever they wish.

To cancel your yPros membership, please submit a cancellation request via the Community Support form before your next billing cycle.


  • Monthly Payments: Please note that memberships are paid in advance and billed on a monthly basis. Those who maintain good standing will have their membership automatically renewed at the end of every 30-day cycle.
  • Annual Payments: yPros offers prepaid memberships for a one-year term. Members may choose to pay upfront for these annual cycles. In such cases, the membership will automatically renew at the end of the prepaid one-year cycle, provided the member remains in good standing and has no outstanding dues with the organization.
  • Please bear in mind that memberships do not cease automatically due to inactivity. A written notice is necessary to halt automatic membership renewals.


  • Monthly Payments: Members must submit a cancellation request via the Community Support form at least seven (7) days before their next planned payment date.
  • Annual Payments: Members must submit a cancellation request via the Community Support form at least thirty (30) days before their next planned payment date.

Refund Policy: Please note that membership fees are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in our refund policy. For comprehensive information on refunds, please refer to our official refund policy.

Membership Benefits: Once you cancel your yPros membership, your access to member-exclusive benefits will immediately cease.

Outstanding Dues: Any dues or fees that remain unpaid to yPros must be fully settled before the membership cancellation can be finalized. Failure to pay outstanding dues may result in continued membership charges until the debt is cleared.

Termination of Agreement: Upon cancellation of your yPros membership, the agreement between you and yWhales is terminated. Post-cancellation, you are no longer obligated to adhere to the terms and conditions of the membership agreement, except for Section 13.2 (Survival) of the Services Term, which remains applicable.

Communication of Cancellation: Upon receipt and validation of your cancellation request, we will email you a confirmation of your membership cancellation.

Policy Amendments: yWhales retains the right to revise or update this membership cancellation policy as needed. Any modifications will be communicated to active members via the yWhales website.

By proceeding with your yPros membership cancellation, you affirm that you have thoroughly read, comprehended, and accepted the terms and conditions detailed in this membership cancellation policy.


15.1 For any questions, concerns, or assistance regarding your yPros membership, please contact our Community Support Team at

We appreciate your commitment to the yPros community and look forward to your active participation in driving Web3 adoption and innovation forward.

Thank you for being a valued member of yPros.

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