Avatars: The Next Evolution of Identification in the Metaverse

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Abe Micael, yWhales Head of Ecosystem, speaks with Nino Saez, CEO & Co-Founder of Utopia, a project that aims to bridge the physical and digital worlds and bring ownership to communities through smart contracts and NFTs.

Launches for the project are planned in November. Abe and Nino dive into the world of Web3 and the importance of trusted resources for individuals interested in projects, tokens, technology, and businesses related to blockchain and crypto. Nino shares his journey as an entrepreneur and explains how Utopia Avatars is creating a new kind of metaverse with a decentralized economy.

About Nino Saez

Nino Saez is the founder of eGoGames and the current CEO of Utopia, in addition to being a charismatic pioneer of the entrepeneurship-philantrophic era. Raised in Madrid, Spain, Nino attended IE University, in Madrid, Spain, receiving a dual Degree in Business & Law.

He started his first business in 2014 at just 19 years old, a VIPS franchise located in the heart of the Spanish capital. Two years later, he executed a M&A operation of Shards of London. As a world enthusiast, he went to college exchange programs in Segovia, Spain and Cuba, where the culture allowed him to see the reality of other parts of the world and the importance of philanthropy from a business perspective. When he returned from Cuba, he realized the need for a new way of monetizing mobile games, the fastest growing industry back in 2018. He founded eGoGames, an eSports Platform, and raised 8.5M EUR. In 2020, he was so enthusiastic about the new trend of Web3 he founded eGoNFT, raising 10M EUR and started the new era of NFT collections through the connection of tangible utilities with the virtual world.

One and a half years later, he acquired 100% of one of the most powerful Metaverse companies in the world called Virtual Voyagers with a valuation of $50M at the time. You’ll learn about: How Utopia is identifying gaps in the marketplaces The power of philanthropy and putting mental health first An open metaverse with closed metaverses.


Utopia’s Social Links:
Utopia’s Website: https://utopia.io/
Utopia’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/utopiaavatars
Utopia’s Blur: https://blur.io/collection/utopiaavatars
Utopia’s OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/utopiaa...
Utopia’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/utop...
Utopia’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/utopiaavatars
Utopia’s Discord: https://discord.com/invite/utopiaavatars
Utopia’s Voyagers: https://vgers.com/


Guest Social Links:
Nino‘s Twitter: https://twitter.com/niinosaez
Nino’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alejandro...


You’ll learn about:

  • How Utopia is identifying gaps in the marketplaces
  • The power of philanthropy and putting mental health first
  • An open metaverse with closed metaverses



0:00 Abe’s intro 

0:52 Nino’s background

2:25 About Utopia

6:08 The team behind Utopia

08:48 How to get involved with Utopia

11:38 Biggest challenges in Web3

14:41 Reflecting on best ideas

18:21 What will take for VR to go mainstream

21:01 Utopia’s ‘Power Board’

24:45 Bettering the world

27:25 The future of the Metaverse

35:50 Can we have an open Metaverse?

39:01 Utopia’s offering

41:42 Utopia and VR

43:47 Roadmap


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