Bankless: Exploring DAOs & The Rise of Web3

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Siva Avvaru, Managing Director of yWhales Solutions, speaks with Daniel Seidler (DSide) and Ryan Anderson, Co-Founders of Bankless Consulting. They discuss the importance of building a strong community in the Web3 space. Seidler and Anderson emphasize that building a community is a marathon, not a sprint. They explain that brands must consistently put in effort to keep the community engaged and motivated. They also stress the importance of understanding that the community is for the people, not for the brand. Simply creating a community and expecting people to join is not enough.

About Daniel Seidler

Daniel Seidler was a Physical Therapist for 25 years after graduating from Columbia University in 1996. He founded and owned a 3-location practice for 16+ years before being acquired by a regional PT group. After 3 years of healthcare practice consulting, focused on telehealth, he pursued another passion of his and moved into web3. Daniel joined and contributed to a few DAOs before finding his calling at Bankless DAO. He joined the founding team at Bankless Consulting (BC) and led the project to develop the BC Governance Framework. BC opened for business in early 2022 and Daniel is the COO and a Project Sponsor for engagements with external organization.

He has led multiple projects in the first few months of operations, including the launch of several NFT collections, the development of a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, and his team is currently working to stand up a DAO that will ultimately purchase a European soccer club. Known in web3 as DSide, he is an ambitious, compassionate, visionary leader who believes in the promise of web3 to democratize business and capitalize on the ability of crypto technology to enhance collaboration and share the rewards with the contributors and investors that comprise an engaged community.

Ryan Anderson is the chief strategist at Northern Army, a creative agency focused on helping clients build sites, mobile applications, and publications that move the needle. Ryan has a background in public relations and digital strategy. Over Ryan's career, he has worked with a number of clients on digital projects, including Microsoft, HBO, FOX, McDonald's, and Mazda. Ryan's specialties include web strategy, interactive marketing, social media, strategic communications planning, mobile strategy, and PR. You’ll learn about: How to advise businesses on Web3 Setting up legal infrastructures for Web3 The complexities and uncertainties of DAOs The importance of building and incentivizing community in Web3.


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You’ll learn about:

How to advise businesses on Web3

Setting up legal infrastructures for Web3

The complexities and uncertainties of DAOs

The importance of building and incentivizing community in Web3



00:00 Siva’s intro

01:16 Ryan’s intro

03:22 DSide’s intro

04:21 Journey into Bankless DAO

08:10 Maintaining compliance

12:42 Standing up a DAO

17:17 The appeal of DAOs

24:31 How DAOs are shifting branding

33:18 Case study

38:34 Community is not a new concept

42:50 Current projects

48:20 The AI shift

50:45 How will Web3 evolve

56:53 How to engage Bankless Consulting

1:09:21 Contact


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DISCLAIMER: yWhales is not affiliated with YPO. Support and production for today’s episode was done by Truth Work Media. Nothing in the podcast constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the podcast constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto.

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